Thursday, February 13, 2014

Does your communication style get you in trouble at work?

Do something about it.

Learn the Three Keys to Effective Communication.

Do people ignore your requests? Or, do team members do the job, but with a chip on their shoulders? Do you dread giving performance feedback because you're afraid of a tearful or angry reaction? Or, does your sales team or frontline fundraiser choke when it comes to closing the deal?

Take action at the Embracing Feminine Leadership Conference on March 7.

Instead of chalking it up to hormones (yours or theirs), you can learn to take control of the situation to improve performance by finding the middle ground in your communication style.

Kealah Parkinson, Communications Coach and Author, will teach confidence to conference-goers by harnessing the power of both passive/active communication and empathic/strategic listening.

The Three Keys to Communication include:
  1. Self-awareness, or understanding your natural style of communication,
  2. Relational honesty, how to listen and communicate with family, coworkers, clients, etc., and
  3. Universal honesty, how your communication style reflects and affects the world around you.

"My goal is to teach confidence," says Parkinson, "I want each person to gain a sense of control in situations that normally lower confidence and cause confusion."

Parkinson will present "Sexually Speaking: Leaning into Conflict" at the Embracing Feminine Leadership Conference, March 7, 2014; 7:30am-4:00pm at the Best Western Indian Oak Spa in Chesterton, Indiana. Register online: Embracing Feminine Leadership Conference

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