Monday, March 18, 2013

For the First Steps and Everything After (Nicole Wilken)

GiveSmart by the Bridgespan Group is a great resource for donors who are starting the discerning process of where and how to give. Fundraising professionals can also benefit from the information presented in GiveSmart in order to better advise donors about how to find fulfillment in their philanthropic journeys.

This database has countless suggestions for building a long-term commitment to philanthropic organizations that promote positive change and will be fulfilling for the donor as well. I especially like the Philanthropy Toolkit that contains resources about how to move from searching to deciding, from researching to donating. The donor process may be complex over time, with periods of re-evaluation throughout the donors’ lives as their financial situations and priorities change.

As a donor, GiveSmart includes many tips for understanding the risks of your philanthropic investment and defining what achievements you want from your partnership with the non-profit. The website focuses on the due diligence process for donors and how this can aid in the creation of a healthy, rewarding partnership with the non-profits receiving their funds. 

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