Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Marketability of a Fundraising Campaign (by Nicole Wilken)

Even before the formal ask or solicitation letter, marketing of a fundraising campaign is an important part of outreach in order to attract potential donors and spread the word about the work of the organization. In SALT, we go through a branding process every year where we choose a project name, slogan, and logo that will be used for marketing throughout the entirety of our World Relief Campaign. The two main aspects of our outreach strategy are visibility and consistency. It doesn’t do any good to have a logo if no one sees it. And people won’t associate the logo with the campaign if it isn’t put on every letter and event poster that we publicize.

For the 2013 WRC Campaign, in which we will be funding document cameras for an elementary school on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, the members of SALT chose the project name and slogan “The YAWA Project: Bettering a Nation through Education.” The logo we designed is shown below.

There are some really cool ideas behind this marketing that, like many of the decisions in SALT, was a result of discussion and democratic voting. “Yawa” means “to read” in the language of the Lakota tribe that live on the reservation. “Project” is a play on words because document cameras are essentially a type of projector. The main shape of the logo is a reference to the specific school (Red Cloud Indian School) that we will be working with on the reservation. The font is childlike, but also clean and professional. The slogan rhymes, and emphasizes the important concepts of education and the hope of national unity.

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