Thursday, December 6, 2012

Communicating with Nonprofits (Nicole Wilken)

Now that you have found an organization with a mission that you support financially and emotionally, look for the reaction from the non-profit. Do they take time and effort to reach out and build relationships with their donors? Do you feel like your contribution is making a difference (because it is)? Are you motivated to continue supporting this organization – or is there another organization with a similar mission in which you would feel more confident in your contribution?

If you feel invested in the organization, call the non-profit directly and ask if there is something you can do to get more involved in the mission. Not only are there opportunities to donate and volunteer, but another aspect of your investment in the work of non-profits is to let them know if there are any ways they can relate to donors better and any other ways you would like to get involved. Non-profits depend on donor feedback to improve their fundraising and outreach. Organizations should value the opinions of all donors, especially those that have supported the work of the non-profit for many years.

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