Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Social Impact Exchange (Nicole Wilken)

As we approach the end of the year, we turn our attention to making gifts to non-profits that have the greatest impact. One resource to help us choose is the Social Impact Exchange, a resource that is “about finding what works and getting it out to the people and places that could benefit the most.” Their website includes a list of the 100 most high-impact solutions to the nation’s biggest problems – addressing education, poverty, youth, and heath – and the 16,000 programs across the country that implement these strategies. To be included in the S&I 100 list, charities must be over three years old and have an annual budget of over $1 million. The organizations must also supply an impact assessment of their work by a third-party along with a growth plan for the expansion of their effective programs. Each organization’s profile offers a user-friendly description of the work and impact of the organization, including the mission, goals, and a summary of its financial information. Unlike other resources, this is not a rating service to endorse the work of particular charities. Instead, the Social Impact Exchange offers insight about what strategies are most effective in solving the largest national problems that we face and identifies the organizations that are implementing these programs successfully.

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