Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nonprofit Marketing (Nicole Wilken)

Kivi Leroux Miller is the president of Nonprofit Marketing and is a leader in how marketing and social media can contribute to accomplishing the goals of nonprofits. In this recent post from her blog, Miller shares some great ideas about how to develop engaging newsletters, blogs, or websites – balancing what the target audience wants to hear and what the nonprofit wants them to learn. And really, it should be a balance between the two elements. In Miller’s strategy: “Put some cheese sauce on that broccoli.”

In a similar way, this blog is intended to be both a way for me to tell about my experiences and the strategies that seem to work best in the contexts I use them as well as to pass along resources that would be most helpful to you the readers. In an effort to create transparency: What would you like to hear in this blog? What sort of resources would be helpful for you to know about? Is there any type of information that you find most helpful?

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