Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finding Your PASSION for Giving

Nicole, I'm very excited to be working with you on this philanthropic journey. I admire the work that you and your fellow SALTers at Valparaiso University are doing. You have raised so many important issues in your first post, and I look forward to more chronicles of your experience.

Here are three good prompts to help bring some of your philanthropic passions into focus:
  1. Describe the first gift that you made (or witnessed). What made it memorable? To whom and for what purpose?
  2. Think about the most important gift you have ever received (it doesn't have to be something tangible). Why was it special, and how does it reflect the person that you are today.
  3. Share your thoughts about the greatest challenges that the next generation will need to solve.
Now, get quiet with your notes for a while and notice any common themes or inspriations.

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